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Real Evaporated Sea Salt UNrefined OR adulterated

Real Evaporated Sea Salt UNrefined OR adulterated

Brand: Ruanova Health

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REAL sea salt evaporated without any process.

The amount of Sodium Chloride in Salt that remains when seawater naturally evaporates is 84%. Not only that but it contains all the mineral salts in the exact same proportion as our blood.

The matrix doesn't even let you consume unadulterated salt:

Royal Decree Law 27 April 1424/1983 expressly prohibits the content of NaCl (sodium chloride) from being less than 97%. That is, ALL the SALT sold for food use is more than 97% Sodium Chloride by LAW.

Normally commercial salts are just sodium chloride (NaCl) without any additional minerals, mixed with aluminum (anti-caking agent).

Because it is only evaporated, and does not contain anti-caking agents like commercial ones, it absorbs a lot of moisture (mainly due to the mineral Magnesium) giving the impression of being "wet".

Since it is pure, collected directly from evaporation without filtering, it may contain some traces of solids that have been displaced by the wind.

It has nothing to do with any commercial. It naturally clumps and when exposed to moisture it is always wet (as if water had literally fallen on it).


It is supplied in glass bottles to avoid the consumption of microplastics in our body and pollution to the planet, since glass can be recycled and even if it were not, it is not polluting.

Production (picking and packaging) is done 100% by hand.

100% Made in Spain


- Bote de cristal de 300g, 500g o 1Kg


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mario Pérez Giménez
Sal pura

Todos los minerales , tomarla con cuidado🙂

Maravilloso alimento

Sal diferente a otras que he probado. Auténtica sal de mar. Alimento para el cuerpo

Juan Pérez

Sal de Mar Real Evaporada SIN refinar NI adulterar