About us?

This project was born to help the most fundamental pillar of the human being: having full health!

Never has a civilization had so many living comforts as ours, and yet, never have human beings accumulated so many chronic diseases as they do today. At the same time, the consumption of medications with adverse effects for daily use has been normalized, without solving the root problem.

Today more than ever, having health, joy, energy and vitality requires leaving the established "education" (domestication). The information that is instilled in us in the educational system and large media of "discommunication" seeks, for the most part, the economic benefit and power of a few.

For funds like Black Rock and Vanguard Group, owners of the largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide and, at the same time, the EFE (communication) agency and more than 94% of the Western media, a healthy person is a customer less.

This space was created to provide solutions and take responsibility for our health.

Have health full Today it has become a "privilege" that few people can enjoy. Our mission is to provide solutions through knowledge and products so that more and more people have the keys to achieve their best version.

We are two brothers, Antón and Iago, with a clear common purpose: to provide a solution to all the people who are not satisfied and want to improve their lives.

We have both been professional athletes. Antón for more than 15 years, with several national and international titles in triathlon. Iago is also an Industrial Engineer specialized in Electronics and Radio Frequency. And we are both researchers in medicine, sports, health and mentality from a very young age.

Since we were born we have received all the "education" of the system, including University and international Master's degrees. And, like the vast majority, we have followed the health instructions of the WHO and official institutions. Until, like most, we get sick .

Antón was in critical condition as a child and has suffered from several serious allergies since he was a child. Twenty years later, together we discovered the causes and how to heal ourselves.

Iago was injured when he was 19 years old. He only managed to recover by learning from various Nobel Prize winners and reading a multitude of studies, to end up changing his diet, from the governmental one governed by the WHO and its conflicts of interest, to the real scientific or evolutionary one.

Only this change allowed, in addition to recovering from the injury, various reactions to be precipitated in his body. His acne went away (he had been going to specialists for years with aggressive treatments without any results), his energy level improved, his sleep and rest also improved. On a physical level, he achieved better body composition, with more muscle mass and a lower percentage of fat.

This marked the beginning of a path of more than fifteen years of research, continuous improvement , worldwide contacts and helping hundreds of people.

If you've made it this far, congratulations ! Congratulations for being a nonconformist and giving yourself the opportunity to improve your health, going to the root of the problem to heal yourself. Deep down, you know that taking pills is usually just a band-aid , sometimes necessary, to camouflage the warnings that your body sends in the form of symptoms telling you that you need to change something.

We want this website to be your health site.
We strive to have in this place a solution to everything that comes before your well-being today.

The modern world has countless advantages thanks to technology, but it has also separated us from nature and what our genes expect. In addition, conditions have been created that negatively affect us, such as electromagnetic radiation. Here we share solutions for everything, some of which you have probably never heard of and those that we have come up with after a lot of research and experimentation of our own.

Others to improve your economy, your health and that of the planet, stopping polluting and using nature to our advantage with products such as the ozone water generating machine.

We improve every day, ourselves first to later be in a position to help you.
Any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

A hug, good life and health.

Iago Ruanova (left) and Antón Ruanova (right).