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Alarm Clock WITHOUT EMF Pollution

Alarm Clock WITHOUT EMF Pollution

Brand: Ruanova Health

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Designer wooden alarm clock with 3 alarms, with automatic display, super simple, reliable and with great battery life:

+ 100% Free of radio frequency emission and electromagnetic pollution , verified using professional electronic instruments by Electronic Engineers. It does not have bluetooth, nor is it connected to the power. Thanks to its simplicity, it DOES NOT generate any type of wave or field that harms health.

+ Necessary to avoid long-term diseases associated with EMF fields by avoiding electromagnetic radiation while we rest. Sleeping with current smartphones is not an option compatible with Health. This alarm clock is ideal for replacing it and leaving our cell phone away from our bedroom.

+ Automatic screen : The display turns off by itself (so that it does not illuminate or bother you) and turns on with a clap, or by lightly touching it. You have the option of becoming fixed.

+ Lasts more than a year on a single set of alkaline batteries (4 x AAA). (It depends on the batteries. With rechargeables, a charge lasts around 7 months)

+ Option with hygrometer (humidity meter) and thermometer.

+ Unit used and tested with radiation equal to 0 and used by Engineer Diego Barrientos from the Cevicas YouTube channel (bio hacking 109 program)

NEW 2024: In the simple version (without hygrometer) we offer a NEW version with a RED LIGHT display . Available low on related products.
You have asked us so that knowing the time of night does not affect our circadian cycles or the regulation of sleep hormones. Although the rest of the alarm clock models are yellow-orange and orange light with no blue light component.


- Conifgurable lighting in automatic mode activated by sound or touch, or in fixed mode
- 3 display light intensities
- 3 preset alarms
- Alarm mode only from Monday to Friday
- Minimal consumption, more than 1 year with one set of batteries
- Memory retention even without batteries. Neither the time nor the alarms are deconfigured even after several hours without batteries.
- Tested and approved as a radio frequency free unit
- 2 years warranty

Total 2-year warranty. No fine print and in all versions.

User manual . ( Click to download )


- Color roble intenso o roble claro.
- Reloj despertador.
- Reloj despertador + Higrómetro y Termómetro


- Iluminación conifgurable de modo automática activada por sonido o tacto, o en modo fija
- 3 intensidades de luz de display
- 3 alarmas preestablecidas
- Modo alarma sólo de lunes a viernes
- Mínimo consumo, más de 1 año con un juego de pilas
- Retención de memoria incluso sin pilas. No se desconfigura ni la hora ni las alarmas aún con varias horas sin pilas.
- Testado y aprobado como unidad libre de radiofrecuencia
- Garantía de 2 años

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Súper recomendable!

Uso este despertador desde hace varios meses y estoy encantada. Me voy a dormir dejando el móvil fuera de la habitación y descanso con la tranquilidad de no estar expuesta a ondas electromagnéticas. Os lo recomiendo! :)