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Original Professional EMF Radiation Meter GQ 390 V2

Original Professional EMF Radiation Meter GQ 390 V2

Brand: GQ USA

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Professional portable EMF radiation detector GQ-390 Version 2 :

- Precision device from American manufacturer GQ based in Seattle. 100% Certified.

- Detects frequency from only 0.5Hz to 10 Ghz . It is the widest range in the entire market.

- Detects , among other EMF radiations, those from telephony (3G, 4G, 4G+ and most of the 5G (except the 26Ghz band)). Detects Bluetooth , WiFi , climate control square waves, etc.

- Spectrum Analyzer Function. It shows the frequencies ordered by power in graphs and indicates the intensity of each one. Ideal for searching for broadcast sources .

- It is addressable : Unlike the BR9 detector (much simpler blue model) it is addressable, thanks to having 3 sensors. This allows us to precisely locate the source of the radiation (they are often hidden).

- Device used and recommended by Engineer Diego, from the YouTube Channel "CEVICAS".

Imported directly from the USA from the manufacturer itself, thus avoiding any type of counterfeiting or manipulation by intermediaries.

It is ideal to verify if your home is irradiated with levels higher than what is allowed to protect yourself, take countermeasures and report it. (There is no worse enemy than the one that cannot be seen). Devices like this are the "eyes" of what we cannot see.

390 V2 Specifications

- Detects frequency fields from 0.5 Hz to 10 Ghz:

Electromagnetic Field (EMF)
Triple axis (X, Y, Z) Low Detectable Frequency: 0.5Hz to 150Khz
Range: 0.0~500mG
Resolution: 0.1/1 mG

Electric Field (EF)
Range: 0V/m up to 1000V/m Resolution: 1 V/m

Radio Frequency Field (RF Field)
RF detectable frequency: 10Mhz to 10GHz

- Incorporates internal rechargeable lithium ion battery with extra long life (+40 hours without recharging). Recharges via included USB cable

- Ideal for measuring the level at which we are exposed in our home, to carry with us, or to detect and measure what different electronic devices and antennas emit.

- Data acquisition with internal memory and possibility of downloading and analyzing them on PC

- Detects communications (for example Bluetooth data packets) and allows you to save them for later analysis.

- Scan function.

If you sleep poorly, have a headache or even lack general health, measuring electromagnetic radiation is something to keep in mind.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


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Especificaciones 390 V2
- Detecta los campos de frecuencia desde los 0.5 Hz hasta los 10 Ghz:

Campo Electromagnético (EMF)
Triple eje (X, Y, Z) Baja Frecuencia detectable: 0.5Hz to 150Khz
Rango: 0.0~500mG
Resolución: 0.1/1 mG

Campo Eléctrico (EF)
Rango: 0V/m hasta 1000V/m Resolución: 1 V/m
Campo de Radio Frecuencia (RF Field)
Frecuencia detectable RF: 10Mhz to 10GHz

- Incorpora batería interna recargable ion litio de extra larga duración (+40 horas sin recargar). Se recarga por cable USB incluido

- Ideal para medir a que nivel estamos expuestos en nuestra casa, para llevar encima, o detectar y medir los diferentes aparatos electrónicos lo que emiten y las antenas.

- Adquisición de datos con memoria interna y posibilidad de descargarlos y analizarlos en PC
- Detecta comunicaciones (por ejemplo paquetes de datos Bluetooth) y permite guardarlos para después analizarlos.

- Función escaneo.

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