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Electromagnetic Radiation Meter (Very Easy to Use) 360º

Electromagnetic Radiation Meter (Very Easy to Use) 360º

Brand: YourTest

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Portable EMF radiation detector version V3.0, very easy to use for anyone:

- Detects electromagnetic radiation coming from any direction ( 360 degree detection)

- Automatic alarms . It automatically incorporates alarms by emitting beeps when the values ​​are very high and harm us.

- Easy to use , just turn it on and it measures us. Portable , compact and lightweight.

- It is delivered calibrated in our laboratory by an Electronic Industrial Engineer

- Most updated and accurate version : V3.0.

- Device used and recommended by Engineer Diego, from the YouTube Channel "CEVICAS".

Imported directly from the factory, thus avoiding any type of manipulation at customs or intermediaries.

We review , verify and, if necessary, recalibrate each unit to ensure reliable measurement before being shipped.

It is ideal to verify if your home is irradiated with levels higher than what is allowed to protect yourself, take countermeasures and report it. (There is no worse enemy than the one that cannot be seen). Devices like this are the "eyes" of what we do not see.

What does it measure?

Measures simultaneously divided on the screen into 3 rows:

- Upper part : Electromagnetic power density (high frequency up to 5 Ghz). Wifi and Bluetooth have a frequency of 2.4 Ghz.
This part shows mobile, 3G, 4G and some 5G.

- Middle part : Electric field in Volts per meter (medium frequency)

- Bottom part : Lower frequency magnetic field. Measures the field of electric motors, induction cookers, etc. (Low frequency).


- Detects electromagnetic radiation with frequencies from 50 Khz to 5 Ghz

- Operation with 3 AA batteries (not included) (1.5V or 1.2V rechargeable) or via USB input

- Long lasting, very reliable and resistant.

- Ideal for measuring the level at which we are exposed in our home, to carry around or measure what different electronic devices emit.

- Simultaneous measurement and display with graph on the screen:
1. Power density: 0-99.999μW/c㎡ (Range from 50Khz to 5Ghz)
2. Electric field intensity: 0-999.99V/m
3. Magnetic field intensity: 0-99.999μT


It is NOT a professional measuring device. The precision of the measurement is NOT high. However, it is a device that SAVES lives.
Simple to use and suitable for anyone, even without any training, it allows us to detect strong radiation (it warns us by beeping) coming from any direction.

If you sleep poorly, have a headache or even have poor health in general, measuring electromagnetic radiation is a point to take into account.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


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- Detecta radiación electromagnética de frecuencia desde los 50 Khz hasta los 5 Ghz
- Funcionamiento con 3 pilas AA (no incluídas) (1.5V o recargables de 1.2V) o por entrada USB
- Larga duración, muy fiable y resistente.

- Ideal para medir a que nivel estamos expuestos en nuestra casa, para llevar encima o medir los diferentes aparatos electrónicos lo que emiten.
- Medición simultánea y muestra con gráfico en la pantalla:
1. Densidad de potencia: 0-99.999μW/c㎡ (Rango desde 50Khz hasta 5Ghz)
2. Intensidad de campo eléctrico: 0-999.99V/m
3. Intensidad de campo magnético: 0-99.999μT

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