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Professional Cleaning Machine Ozone Generator in-situ

Professional Cleaning Machine Ozone Generator in-situ

Brand: Ruanova Health

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UTOPÍA : Save money and take care of the health of those who matter most to you.

Start saving today same:


UTOPÍA is a machine with a German patent that allows total cleaning and disinfection without using chemicals . Technically, it transforms the oxygen (O2) in the air into ozone (O3) and this, when introduced into the water, in turn into HO Ion, peroxide and active oxygen.

It not "only" cleans in the most effective way known, but kills any pathogen, virus, mite or allergen and is therefore used in operating rooms. Its safety and operation guarantee us.


An expense that until now we have taken for granted is that of chemical cleaning products: detergent , bleach, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, rinse aid... Everything is no longer necessary with ozonated water .
The average household expense on cleaning products is €50/month. This represents an expense of €12,000 in 20 years!
In a hospitality business that figure is multiplied by at least 5, reaching €60,000 .
Utopia replaces all of them, providing great savings from day one.


Full warranty up to 4 years . No fine print!
German patent. QUALITY above all.
Ozone generator made in Germany .

Technical service in Spain, Estonia and Portugal with complete dismantling and guaranteed repair for at least 20 years.


1. Complete cleaning: Cleans and disinfects all types of surfaces and floors: glass, stainless steel, clothing, aluminum, marble, glass, etc. On smooth surfaces the result is absolutely perfect only with ozonated water. High degreasing power even with cold water.

2. Disinfection: Where there are children or adults, safety is the most important thing. Nothing, not even bleach, sterilizes like O3. For a reason it is the solution used in hospitals.

3. Washing Machine: Many customers purchase the machine just for this single function.

Eliminate detergents from your life and your clothes. It has a specific outlet to install in the water inlet of the washing machine . This way it washes without the need for ANY detergent, with superior results than traditional ones. Traditional chemicals end up on your skin, this way you increase your Health and those that matter most to you. It also disinfects clothes and eliminates bad odors. Eliminates mites and other pathogens (detergents do not do this) and chemical residues from clothing, avoiding allergies and skin reactions.

4. Food treatment: Disinfects, eliminates pesticides and pathogens from our vegetables, fruits and prolongs the shelf life of food.

5. Kitchen: Superior disinfection without leaving any type of residue or chemical product that we can ingest.

6. Clean Glass: Ozonated water is IDEAL for cleaning glass as it leaves no marks or fog. Furthermore, with its great degreasing power, it is capable of cleaning the greasy surface film left by conventional products and humidity. Once cleaned with ozone, they do not stain even after running a finger over it trying to mark it. The results in glass and stainless steel with ozone are perfect.

7. Stainless Cleaning: The result of cleaning stainless steel with ozonated water is perfect. Many people have decided on the machine even just for this use. DOES NOT leave fog. It does not stain when you run your fingers. Degreases and leaves it totally shiny. Also, of course, completely disinfected.

8. Degreaser: Ideal as a cold degreaser , for cleaning extractor hoods and any stainless steel surface, ovens, glass, floors, plates, grills, etc. Car tires, bodywork mosquitoes...etc.

9. Extractor hood: Ozonated water has great degreasing power. So much so that even when cold it is capable of undoing and leaving our kitchen extractor hood and even its filters completely clean. Without ozone this is something very difficult to achieve without resorting to very aggressive toxic chemicals that we breathe and also use in the environment where we cook.

10. Floors: Allows you to scrub any type of surface, no matter how sensitive it may be, wood, ceramic or even stainless steel and aluminum. It not only cleans, but degreases and disinfects. All in one with security.
Additionally, as an extra benefit, if we have children or pets at home we prevent them from becoming contaminated since they are usually in direct contact with the ground.

11. Dishwasher: Ozonated water can also be used in the dishwasher when it has a cold wash program (ozone is unstable in water above 35ºC). We achieve total cleaning of the dishes without the need to use detergent and with great energy savings, since the washing is done in cold water.

12. Pet grooming: Cleans, disinfects and eliminates pathogens from their skin while softening their hair and eliminating bad odors naturally.

With a useful life of 20 years , it allows you to save more than 90% of cleaning products (disinfection, detergents, degreasers, glass cleaners, floor scrubbers...) so the initial investment is amortized in just a few months for professional use (restaurant/ bar). In this way, it allows savings of 90% in the next 20 years .


Iago Ruanova: "I left my job (Industrial Engineer) to contribute this technology to the world"

The recommended retail price is €3,350 .

However, we are a direct manufacturer, without intermediary commissions and that is why we can offer the best product on the market (both in effectiveness and in guarantee and reliability) at a price even lower than some of the competition.

Our purpose is to improve the world with our grain of sand. That is why we have decided to put our effort only into work that helps improve other people and the environment.


More than 30,000 customers around the world guarantee the effectiveness and quality of Utopia.

The latest version 6.0 from 2023, with a German patent, represents a leap in favor of maximum quality and customer service. It has up to 4 years TOTAL warranty.

Made of high-impact polycarbonate, stainless steel and reinforced nylon, it has been created to last.
We offer technical service and repair parts for more than two decades, always providing customer service. Our commitment is to improve the planet and help people, and this product is the only one of its kind aligned with our values.

Technical specifications

- Applications: Hotels, Restaurants and Home Use.
- Ozone concentration in water 3 levels selectable. From 0 to 1.8 mg/l (The highest on the market)
- Stability of ozone in water 5 hours
- Power consumption running < 50W
- Stand-by consumption <0.1W
- Water flow 2~8 l/min
- Input voltage 100~240V / 50-60Hz
- Water pressure 1.5~7 bar
- Water temperature 4~50ºC
- Weight 2.6 Kg
- 2014/35/EU, 2014/30/EU, 2011/65/EU, CE (EMC LVD), RoHS and EPA certificates
- TOTAL warranty up to 4 years.


- Latest generation ozone generating device with German patent, certified and laboratory tested
- 12V output power adapter
- Hose to adapt to water intake and install without the need for tools
- Hanging bracket, screws and stainless steel bolts
- User manual
- GIFT for online purchase: Additional 100% stainless steel faucet and extendable self-coiled rubber hose and support
- GIFT for online purchase: 2 "Utopia" logo spray bottles to clean and disinfect any surface
- GIFT for online purchase: Electronite 2.0 (increases health and protects from EMF radiation)

Extra info
The chemical detergents still used by the majority of the population are one of the products that pollute the most, in addition to remaining on your clothes and passing into your body through your skin.

Take care of the health of those who matter most to you.
Save money and headaches by avoiding buying more detergent while taking care of your Health and the Planet.

REDUCE CONSUMPTION and REUSE is in our opinion the key to NOT polluting.


✔️ Savings:
In most applications, NO chemicals are directly needed: (No bleach, no detergent, no "fairy", no degreasers, no floor cleaners, no glass cleaner, no glass-ceramic cleaner...) so it pays for itself in a very short time. the machine and save money with each use .
In very specific applications, such as porous surfaces, some type of chemical may be required for a perfect result, but only 10 to 15% of that normally used without ozone. On these surfaces, the savings are still 85-90% compared to traditional cleaning.
It allows us to save 20 to 30% of the electricity bill if we also use it for the washing machine, since it allows optimal results with cold washing. Ideal when using the equipment for domestic use.

✔️ Efficacy:

Ozone in water eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is therefore bactericidal, viricidal, antiseptic, deodorant and fungicide. Even for those who are only looking for the best result, ozone has been shown in various scientific studies to be more efficient in cleaning than bleach and detergents . Not in vain, it is the disinfectant product that is used in places with an urgent need for the best result, such as hospital operating rooms .

✔️ Health:
The chemicals we usually wash with are endocrine disruptors, chemicals capable of mimicking our hormones and, therefore, altering the correct functioning of the body and negatively affecting our health. Detergents, fabric softeners, rinse aids... they reach our body through clothing, household surfaces and dishes. Despite being small doses, prolonged exposure to these endocrine disruptors has effects on our health and is behind different skin conditions and autoimmune diseases .

✔️ Environment:
Ozone is a natural product. After a few minutes it reacts and loses one of its molecules to become oxygen again. Does not leave any residue. Using ozone helps eliminate chemicals that pollute water. It is an ecological option for the Planet.

✔️ Security:
Unlike the use of ozone in the air, where we must control the dose and ventilate the exposed areas well, ozone in water is completely harmless and there are thousands of certificates and studies that attest to this.

✔️ Simplicity:
The machine connects simply using existing standard hoses without requiring modifications or additional plumbing.

✔️ Comfort:
Forget about buying, handling and storing chemicals. You just have to connect the machine to your washing machine or dishwasher and start the washing program. In addition, it does not require any type of maintenance to operate at full capacity.

German Patent .

Ozone Generator made in Germany .

Technical service 365 days a year in Spain, Estonia and Portugal .


No aplica al producto, diferentes años de garantía


- Aplicaciones: Hoteles, Restaurantes y Uso Doméstico.
- Concentración de ozono en agua 3 niveles seleccionable. Desde 0 hasta 1,8 mg/l (La más alta del mercado)
- Estabilidad del ozono en el agua 5 horas
- Consumo de potencia funcionando < 50W
- Consumo en stand-by <0,1W
- Caudal de agua 2~8 l/min
- Voltaje de entrada 100~240V / 50-60Hz
- Presión de agua 1.5~7 bar
- Temperatura de agua 4~50ºC
- Peso 2.6 Kg
- Certificados 2014/35/UE, 2014/30/EU, 2011/65/EU, CE (EMC LVD), RoHS y EPA
- Garantía TOTAL hasta 4 años.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Dolores D.
Estoy encantada con la máquina de de ozono, la debí encontrar hace años

Estoy encantada con la máquina de de ozono, la debí encontrar hace años ?
Tengo alergia a los aerosoles.
Ahora prescindí de todos y limpio todo con ozono ., se conserva la casa más tiempo limpia.
Limpio las joyas, el moho del baño desapareció,
Disfruto más limpiando , porque veo los resultados al momento, sin tener que inhalar tanto tóxico y la atmósfera lo agradece!!!
Gracias 😇 por estos inventos tan saludables.!!!!!’

Mercedes Paz
Manchas de humedad

Buenas noches!
Hoy probé con el agua de ozono, para limpiar las manchas humedad del techo de la cocina.
Caldero con fregona muy escurrida. Quedó perfecto!!!!

Mercedes Paz
Sorprendida por los grandes resultados!!!

Después de varios meses usando UTOPÍA he apreciado los grandes resultados.
Primero la desaparición de olores químicos en toda la vivienda.
El transporte de tantos líquidos.

Las grandes ventajas, desinfección total en limpieza de cocina, ropa, animales,fruta, suelos, baños, etc

No daba crédito un día que puse peras en el agua de ozono. Mucha suciedad!!!
Ahora puedo comer la fruta con la piel y sin temor !!!

Mª Angeles
La MÁQUINA de desinfección para todo.

Hola. Soy Maria Ángeles de Córdoba (España). Hace un tiempo oi hablar de las máquinas de desinfecciòn de ozono, pero sobre todo las de aire , hasta que encontré esta de agua. Estoy encantada, para mi hay un antes y un después. Siempre me han preocupado todos los tóxicos que tenemos alrededor y que absorbemos ya sea por la piel, respirando o a través de los alimentos... hasta que llegó Utopia a mi casa y todo cambió. En la lavadora va genial, la ropa sale limpia y sin ningún olor. La limpieza de la casa espectacular, cocina, sartenes, ollas, platos. El cuarto de baño, el acero inoxidable queda como nuevo, los cristales sin reflejos, el cristal de la estufa de leña impecable... Y sobre todo al limpiar no respiras productos altamente peligrosos y la piel de las manos queda estupenda. Y todo solo con agua.
Y mi perro de agua que ahora tiene mucha lana cuando lo lavamos queda con el pelo precioso y sin olor y aguanta más tiempo.
En fin... Estoy encantada . Ojalá la hubiera encontrado antes. La recomiendo totalmente. No hay mejor inversión del dinero que en la salud de los tuyos y esta máquina contribuye mucho a ello.
¡Ah y el servicio inmejorable, rapidisimo y super atentos para cualquier cosa que necesitara!
Los hermanos Ruanova dos personas extraordinarias.
Gracias por todo.

Mercedes Iglesias
Agradecida de tenerla ya en casa

Lavar la ropa sin nada más, con increíble resultado eliminando patógenos y químicos de nuestra vida es increíble. Nunca pensé que existiera una máquina así.
Tambien utilizo el agua que sale de la máquina para toda la casa, los cristales, la vitro, la campana fregar el suelo.. Estoy muy agradecida. Gracias al equipo que además me atendió muy bien