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Electronite Kids: Health and radiation protection for children

Electronite Kids: Health and radiation protection for children

Brand: Ruanovahealth

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NEW 2024 : Electronite for Children

You have asked us a lot. After months of testing to obtain maximum protection for the little ones, the best results are here.

Protect your health and that of yours.

These KIDS necklaces are Version 2.0 , 1000x times more powerful than the first version.

Electronite is the discovery of one of the best quantum physicists and the improvements in successive versions have been made in collaboration with a team of engineers and scientists .

This simple looking device is a passive reverse wave multiplier resonator.

How does it work?
It works by emitting electrons, just like the Earth when we walk barefoot or the sea when we submerge in it.

It emits electrons thanks to transforming the electromagnetic energy harmful to our health (ions with a lack of electrons (positive charge)) that is emitted by the antennas (telephone, radar, Bluetooth, radio, GPS, etc.) and transforms it into electrons as well. that nature supplies us, providing all the benefits.

The Earth has negative ionization and emits electrons naturally. The benefit of grounding (walking barefoot) occurs because the Earth emits electrons that are absorbed by the feet. In the same way the sea, especially when it is churned, generates and emits a large number of electrons. It's partly that we feel "recharged" and in better health after taking a dip in the sea.
These electrons increase alkalinity in our body, oxygen, recovery, health and rest massively.

When artificial waves of positive ions (harmful to our health) reach this device, it emits the same wave inverted (now emitting electrons) and multiplied by up to 1000 times.

Thousands of studies, experiments, tests and testimonies support it. Lasts more than 50 years. It does not have a battery and does not need to be recharged. It works with the waves it receives, which grow exponentially every year since Guillermo Marconi invented radio in 1897.

Our goal is to make this technology known and help as many people as possible.

More than 7000 units sold with more than 80% of people literally noticing the change in their HEALTH.
It protects SO MUCH from electromagnetic radiation that most people notice incredible sleep, rest, mental clarity and even peace and well-being.

There are many foods or devices that provide health, however just by feeding ourselves one day with organic vegetables from our garden you will not notice a change in the moment. However, electronite is so powerful that even the majority (more than 3 out of 4 people) perceive it on the first day.

Endorsed and tested by leading Spanish-speaking medical and health researchers .
Hard to believe if this is the first time you hear it, yes totally. We ourselves had to trust ourselves to see the results and advance to this very effective and healthy version; But science advances and so does technology, and this low-cost but extremely high-tech device has the ability to improve the lives of more and more families.

Electromagnetic radiation is exponential with each passing day, with more and more antennas, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, more telephone companies... so that in the future, those who do not have this device will find it difficult to have full health.

This device is called Electronite V2.0 because it emits electrons. It is NOT an orgonite, nor a cloudbuster.

This version 2.0 is 10 times more powerful than electronite 1.5 and 1000 times more powerful than 1.0 (pure orgonite)

It's science. Each electronite has been created in the laboratory and tested individually.


KIDS: for the little ones the baby necklace is ideal due to its small dimensions and weight. Recommended from 0 to 13 years.
From the age of 10, the Kid Junior electronite is larger in size, and will help protect even more when they are older.

The larger the size of our children as they grow, the greater the exposure and capture of electromagnetic radiation. This is the point of having the 2 necklace sizes.


- Made with crystal quartz, Potassium Sodium Tartrate Tetrahydrate ( KNaC4H4O6*4H2O), pre-accelerated resin with 15% shrinkage and 0.8mm pure quartz and 0.03mm white quartz and crystal powder diluted in the mixture.

- Reverses artificial electromagnetic waves harmful to health, emitting electrons favoring well-being (just as the Earth emits and benefits from grounding).

- Receive positive or negative ions, it always emits electrons and to a greater extent than those it receives (multiplier effect).

- Laboratory tested to guarantee the correct functioning of each unit.

- Estimated duration 50 years

Test at home:
To check how they work and their power, the best way is with an ion analyzer (electronic professional instrument) which is what we use in the laboratory. However, you can check its operation easily in any home with the following steps:

Fill a plastic tupperware with water. Close with its lid and place it closed in the freezer with the electronite resting on top, on the top lid. Importantly, the tupperware must be full of water so that the electronite is close to the water. After 24 hours or more, remove and observe the pattern that the electrons have printed on the ice. In the product photos you can see the pattern it generates. It is unique and very special.

Each electronite is unique

They are manufactured by hand in Spain.

The number one goal is for them to function in the best way possible. To do this, the resin must catalyze at a very high speed so that it contracts more than 15% and maximally activates the piezoelectric property of the Tetrahydrated Rochell salt and the white quartz and crystal.
This well-executed process typically involves small holes and slightly uneven shaping, making each piece unique and unrepeatable.

To obtain maximum protection and catalyze in this way, the finish is not homogeneous or smooth. It is not a decorative piece. Making a perfect and smooth finish would lose a lot of performance.

Made in Spain


- Electronite Baby: para los más pequeños el collar baby es ideal por sus reducidas dimensiones y peso. Recomendable de 0 a 10 años.

- Electronite Kids: A partir de los 10 años la electronite Kid Junior es de mayor tamaño, y ayudará a proteger aún más cuando sean más mayores.

Cuanto mayor es el tamaño de nuestros hijos a medida que crecen, mayor es la exposición y captación de la radiación electromagnética. Este es el sentido de tener los 2 tamaños de collar.


- Fabricada con cuarzo cristal, Tartrato de Potasio y Sodio Tetrahidratado (KNaC4H4O6*4H2O), resina preacelerada de 15% de contracción y cuarzo puro de 0.8mm y polvo de cuarzo blanco y cristal 0.03mm diluido el la mezcla.

- Invierte las ondas electromagnéticas artificiales perjudiciales para la salud, emitiendo electrones favoreciendo el bienestar (al igual que emite la Tierra y se beneficia haciendo grounding).
- Reciba iones positivos o negativos, siempre emite electrones y en mayor medida que los que recibe (efecto multiplicador).

- Testadas en laboratorio para garantizar el correcto funcionamiento de cada unidad.
- Duración estimada 50 años

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