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Electronite V2.0 10X more power (increases health and radiation protection)

Electronite V2.0 10X more power (increases health and radiation protection)

Brand: Ruanovahealth

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Protect your health and that of yours.

NEW . Version 2.0 1000x times more powerful . Discovery of one of the best quantum physicists in collaboration with engineers and scientists.
This simple-looking device is a passive multiplier reverse wave resonator.

Differences electronites 2.0 VS 1.5
The electronites 2.0 are an evolution of the 1.5.
+ 10 times more power than the 1.5
+ Greater frequency response (they cover all frequencies, including very high frequencies with 100 times more sensitivity than 1.5, such as 3G, 4G and 5G, Bluetooth waves, microwaves, Wifi, etc.

+ More than 100 times the sensitivity at high frequency

How does it work?
It works by emitting electrons. It does this by transforming the electromagnetic energy harmful to our health that is emitted by antennas (telephone, radar, data, etc.) and transforms it into electrons.

The Earth has negative ionization and emits electrons naturally. The benefit of grounding (walking barefoot) occurs because the Earth emits electrons that are absorbed by the feet. These electrons increase alkalinity in our body, oxygen, recovery and rest massively.

When artificial waves of positive ions (harmful to our health) reach this device, it emits the same wave inverted (now emitting electrons) and multiplied by up to 1000 times.

Thousands of studies, experiments, tests and testimonies support it. Lasts more than 100 years.
Our goal is to make this technology known and help as many people as possible.

More than 5000 units sold with more than 80% of people literally noticing the change in their HEALTH.
It protects SO MUCH from electromagnetic radiation that most people notice incredible sleep, rest, mental clarity and even peace and well-being.
Hard to believe if it's the first time you hear it, yes, but science advances and so does technology, and this very low-cost but extremely high-tech device has the ability to improve our lives.

Electromagnetic radiation is exponential with each passing day, with more and more antennas, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, more telephone companies... so that in the future, those who do not have this device will find it difficult to have full health.

This device is called Electronite V2.0 because it emits electrons. It is NOT an orgonite, nor a cloudbuster.

This version 2.0 is 10 times more powerful than electronite 1.5 and 1000 times more powerful than 1.0 (pure orgonite)

It's science and each one is created in a laboratory and tested individually.

To improve rest and health, the ideal is to put 2 on the nightstands (one on each table on each side of the bed). For this, 2 medium-sized ones (60mm) are usually used.

To carry on the person, the ideal is the necklace format or the pocket round one. In contact with the skin it is even more powerful.

To shield the windows of our home, it is recommended to put 2 (one on each side of the window), glued to the aluminum frame. For this use we can use the large ones (80mm), more powerful, but the 60mm ones also work very well.

To put outside and neutralize the climate control antennas, the 80mm or a giant one (150mm) are capable of breaking the chemtrail mesh even far from the antennas. For this application, putting it in a plastic bucket of water multiplies its effect.


- Made with crystal quartz, 30KV 5MPa heat shrink, Tetrahydrated Rochell Salt ( KNaC4H4O6*4H2O), pre-accelerated resin with 15% contraction and 0.8mm and 0.03mm quartz diluted in the mixture. (Thermotetractil only in large size).

- Reverses artificial electromagnetic waves harmful to health, emitting electrons favoring well-being (just as the Earth emits and benefits from grounding).

- Receive positive or negative ions, it always emits electrons and to a greater extent than those it receives (multiplier effect).

- Laboratory tested to guarantee the correct functioning of each unit.

- Estimated duration 50 years

Test at home:
To check how they work and their power, the best way is with an ion analyzer (electronic professional instrument) which is what we use in the laboratory. However, you can check its operation easily in any home with the following steps:

Fill a plastic tupperware with water. Close with its lid and place it closed in the freezer with the electronite resting on top, on the top lid. Importantly, the tupperware must be full of water so that the electronite is close to the water. After 24 hours or more, remove and observe the pattern that the electrons have printed on the ice. In the product photos you can see the pattern it generates. It is unique and very special.

Each electronite is unique

They are manufactured by hand. The number one goal is for them to function in the best way possible. To do this, the resin must catalyze at a very high speed so that it contracts more than 15% and maximally activates the piezoelectric property of the Tetrahydrated Rochell salt and quartz.
This well-performed process involves high temperature, cracks and uneven shape. Which makes each piece unique and unrepeatable.

When catalyzed in this way, the finish is not homogeneous or smooth. It is not a decorative piece. Making a perfect and smooth finish would lose a lot of performance.

Made in Spain


- Pirámide mediana 60mm
- Pirámide grande 80mm
- Pirámide gigante 150mm (1Kg)
- Redonda bolsillo 48mm
- Colgante corazón sólido
- Colgante corazón hueco


- Fabricada con cuarzo cristal, termoretractil 30KV 5MPa, Sal de Rochell Tetrahidratada (KNaC4H4O6*4H2O), resina preacelerada de 15% de contracción y cuarzo de 0.8mm y 0.03mm diluido el la mezcla. (Termotetractil solo en tamaño grande).

- Invierte las ondas electromagnéticas artificiales perjudiciales para la salud, emitiendo electrones favoreciendo el bienestar (al igual que emite la Tierra y se beneficia haciendo grounding).
- Reciba iones positivos o negativos, siempre emite electrones y en mayor medida que los que recibe (efecto multiplicador).

- Testadas en laboratorio para garantizar el correcto funcionamiento de cada unidad.

- Duración estimada 50 años

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Susana Rodriguez De La Iglesia
Duermo como nunca


Francisco Brotons

Muy buen servicio y profesionalidad!


Desde que lo he comprado lo llevo siempre conmigo y encima es precioso.

Eva Lara Forner
Corazón Electronite

Producto recibido en buen estado.
Muy bonito y no pesa nada.
Lo llevo puesto todos los días y sobre todo en el trabajo.
Hubo un pequeño error en la dirección de entrega, pero se solucionó inmediatamente.

El Sr.Ruanova contactó conmigo rápidamente y al día siguiente ya tenía el producto en mis manos.
Excelente servicio.

Mario Pérez Giménez

Proteje muy bien