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Electronite V1.5 Negative Ion Emitter (increases health and radiation protection)

Electronite V1.5 Negative Ion Emitter (increases health and radiation protection)

Brand: Ruanovahealth

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Electronite is a device created by one of the best quantum physicists on the planet. This version 1.5 is 100 times more powerful than electronite 1.0.

It works by using the piezoelectric property of quartz to emit electrons . The waves that are emitted by antennas (telephony, climate control, data, etc.) generate positive ionization (harmful to the health of living beings). When these waves reach the electronite , it emits the same wave inverted and multiplied by up to 1000 times. The Earth has negative ionization and electronite manages to provide health with the emission of electrons. The benefit of grounding (walking barefoot) occurs because the Earth emits electrons that are absorbed by the feet.

V1.5 electronites work optimally in the frequency band of the order of Khz and Mhz (low and medium frequency) but by generating negative ionization they manage to correct the electrical spin of the hydrogen electron in our body. This protects us from higher frequency waves such as the current 4G and 5G in which it does respond directly but in a more attenuated way.
The negative ions it produces means we have more oxygen in the brain and in our body and helps our health in an absolutely incredible way.

The benefit generated by limiting electromagnetic radiation in our body is so great that many people even perceive it directly from the first moment.

- 85% of clients emphasize that they sleep more deeply than they did in years. They dream again and remember what they dream about.
- Better recovery (with a few hours of sleep they recover more than before with many hours).
- Greater energy , muscle recovery, greater peace , tranquility , clearer head, greater clarity .

Benefits when they carry it all day. We are shocked that people who play sports tell us that they have better performance, much less fatigue and better recovery.

It is NOT a miracle. It's science. The Megawatts of positive ionization power of the antennas have a very negative impact on health and the amount of oxygen that reaches our cells. There are thousands of scientific studies that corroborate this, although they are ignored by the states and the media.

Ruanova Health electronites are manufactured by engineers in the laboratory, with the exact formula and directly provided by the particle physicist who invented them.
It is not easy to manufacture them with high performance. From the first version to this 1.5, the power is 100 times greater (measured with instruments) and the components are the same.

To improve rest and health, the ideal is to put 2 on the nightstands (one on each table on each side of the bed). For this, 2 medium-sized ones (60mm) are usually used.

More important than the size is the process by which it has been manufactured, which guarantees its power. The 60mm ones work very well for everything.

To shield the windows, put 2 (one on each side of the window), glued to the aluminum frame. For this use we can use the large ones (80mm), more powerful, but the 60mm ones also work very well.

To put outside and neutralize the climate control antennas, the 80mm or a giant one (150mm) are capable of breaking the chemtrail mesh even far from the antennas. For this application, putting it in a plastic bucket of water multiplies its effect.

- The artificial electromagnetic waves that it receives from positive ionization (harmful to health) are inverted and multiplied by emitting electrons (just like the Earth emits).

- However, when it receives electrons it also multiplies them and emits even more electrons. Therefore, whether it receives positive or negative ions, it always emits electrons and to a greater extent than those it receives.

- Individually tested in the laboratory to guarantee the correct functioning of each unit.

- Estimated duration outdoors is about 50 years. Inside it is 300 years old. Yes, the information is correct even though we have been taught that everything does not last long.

Test at home:
To check how they work and their power, the best way is with an ion analyzer (electronic professional instrument) which is what we use in the laboratory. However, you can check its operation easily in any home with the following steps:

Fill a plastic tupperware with water. Close with its lid and place it closed in the freezer with the electronite resting on top, on the top lid. Importantly, the tupperware must be full of water so that the electronite is close to the water. After 24 hours or more, remove and observe the pattern that the electrons have printed on the ice. In the product photos you can see the pattern it generates. It is unique and very special.

Each electronite is unique

They are manufactured by hand. The number one goal is for them to function in the best way possible. To do this, the resin must catalyze at a very high speed so that it contracts more than 15% and activates the piezoelectric property of its interior to the maximum .
This well-performed process involves high temperature, cracks and uneven shape. Which makes each piece unique and unrepeatable.
When catalyzed in this way, the finish is not homogeneous or smooth. It is not a decorative piece. Making a perfect and smooth finish would lose a lot of performance.

Made in Spain


- Mediana 60mm
- Grande 80mm
- Gigante 150mm (1Kg)
- Redonda 48mm


- Las ondas electromagnéticas artificiales que recibe de ionización positiva (perjudiciales para la salud) las invierte y las multiplica emitiendo electrones (al igual que emite la Tierra).
- Sin embargo, cuando recibe electrones también los multiplica y emite todavía más electrones. Por lo que reciba iones positivos o negativos, siempre emite electrones y en mayor medida que los que recibe.

- Testadas individualmente en laboratorio para garantizar el correcto funcionamiento de cada unidad.
- Duración estimada en la intemperie es de unos 50 años. En interior es de 300 años. Sí, el dato es correcto a pesar de que nos han enseñado que todo dura poco.

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Customer Reviews

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Maria Goñi murray
met my expectations

met my expectations, i sleep very good

Pilar Jiménez Sánchez

Buenas noches, mi experiencia es que parece que funcionan, no me duele la cabeza llevando las 2 pirámides que adquirí 1.5. Cuando las llevo en el coche junto con la 2.0 que compré se abren claros y aparece un espacio de cielo azul. Son más apropiadas para ponerlas en ventanas, mesas y mesita de noche. Muchas gracias. Un saludo. Pilar

Laura G.
Nos ha mejorado tanto la calidad del sueño que vamos a pedir más

Nos ha mejorado tanto la calidad del sueño a mi pareja y a mí, que vamos a pedir dos pirámides más para la habitación de nuestro peque. Mi pareja, que siempre ha sido muy escéptica, reconoce que duerme mejor desde que tenemos ambas pirámides en cada lado de nuestra cama. Ambos tenemos un sueño más profundo y reparador. También tenemos más sueños y nos acordamos vívamente de ellos., una pasada!

Rosa Izquierdo barrio

Electronite V1.5 Emisor Iones Negativos (aumenta salud y protección radiación)

Carmen Rico Castilla
Electronite V1.5 Emisor Iones Negativos

Acabo de recibir mi pedido, me han han hablado muy bien, deseando probarlas.
El trato ha sido exquisito y sobre todo mil gracias por el detalle.