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Geiger Counter (Ionizing Radiation Meter)

Geiger Counter (Ionizing Radiation Meter)

Brand: YourTest

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BR6 portable military-grade Geiger-Müller vacuum tube ionizing radiation meter.


- Measures the types of ionizing radiation: Beta , Gamma and X -rays .

- Measuring instrument: Military Grade Geiger-Müller vacuum glass tube.

- High sensitivity and high precision.

- Detects radioactivity and nuclear radiation.

- Backlit LCD with history graph.

- Easy to use , just turn it on and it measures us. Portable, compact and lightweight.

- Device used and recommended by Engineer Diego, from the YouTube Channel "CEVICAS".


Imported directly from the factory, thus avoiding any type of manipulation at customs or intermediaries.

We review and verify each unit to ensure accurate measurement before being shipped.

It is ideal to verify if your home is irradiated with levels higher than what is allowed to protect yourself, take countermeasures and report it. (There is no worse enemy than the one that cannot be seen). Devices like this are the "eyes" of what we do not see.

Simple to use and suitable for anyone, even without any training, it allows us to detect strong radiation (it warns us by beeping) coming from any direction.


- Energy range: 50kev-1.5mev < 30%

- Relative error: < +/- 5%

- Sensitivity: 80CPM/μSV

- Operation with 2 AA batteries (not included) (1.5V or 1.2V rechargeable) or via USB input.

- Long lasting, portable, very reliable and resistant.

- Ideal for measuring if we are exposed to a high level of radiation or, on the contrary, knowing if we are safe in a dramatic situation.

- Simultaneous measurement and display with graph on the screen of current and average radiation level since the measurement began.

- 1 year warranty


No aplica


- Rango de energía: 50kev-1.5mev < 30%
- Error relativo: < +/- 5%
- Sensibilidad: 80CPM/μSV
- Funcionamiento con 2 pilas AA (no incluidas) (1.5V o recargables de 1.2V) o por entrada USB.
- Larga duración, portátil, muy fiable y resistente.

- Ideal para medir si estamos expuestos a algún nivel de radiación elevado o, por el contrario, conocer si estamos seguros ante una situación dramática.

- Medición simultánea y muestra con gráfico en la pantalla de nivel de radiación actual y medio desde que comenzó la medición.

- Garantía de 1 año.

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