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CDS (Chlorine Dioxide 3000ppm)

CDS (Chlorine Dioxide 3000ppm)

Brand: Ruanova Health

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CDS is a solution of chlorine dioxide gas in distilled water, at a concentration of 3000ppm (0.3%).

Manufactured in a laboratory with professional sterilized borosilicate glass equipment, far exceeding safety standards for oral and intravenous use.

For legal reasons we do not sell this product for any particular use, leaving the customer to use it only for mopping floors or cleaning windows. We also do not recommend it for any specific application.

For more than a century it has been considered the best solution for making water drinkable. More than 1,300 scientific studies in PubMed support its total oral safety and effectiveness.

It was not until the end of the 20th century, at least publicly, that some of its great therapeutic benefits were discovered. NASA investigated it for years until calling it a "universal antidote", even publishing a documentary in 1988.

However, the impossibility of patenting it as a medicine (it had been patented for decades to purify water in lower doses and therefore the patent had expired) meant that the mainstream media hid it.

In 1996, the American aerospace engineer Jim Humble discovered "by accident" its first therapeutic properties, healing two of his workers from malaria and certain death in the middle of the jungle. (Let us remember that even today, in 2023, there is NO cure for official approved medications).

From that moment, Jim Humble dedicated himself to disseminating his knowledge and his subsequent studies, witnessing literally thousands of cures for diseases for which official medicine still does not have an approved remedy. But instead of approving its use, it was persecuted.

In 2009, the German biophysicist and scientific researcher Andreas Kalcker discovered the medicinal use of ClO2 for the first time. He uses it to heal severe osteoarthritis in his hands and fingers. When he was cured of something that until then all the doctors he had consulted told him there was no cure, he was so surprised that he dedicated his life as a scientist to understanding and investigating how it works.

Since then it has improved the product to develop this solution called CDS that we offer here.

Currently, Andreas resides in Switzerland, where he continues his research and has registered several international patents that address the therapeutic use of chlorine dioxide, both for hypoxia and inflammation, infection, sepsis and Sars-Cov2-Coronavirus.

Patents: WO2018185347A1; WO2018185348A1; WO2018185346A1.

More information
For therapeutic use we recommend that you consult the original book by Andreas Kalcker, entitled "Forbidden Health". The protocols, how to use it, quantities, etc. are detailed there.

You will find good information on their website:

Clinical studies


- Neutral PH: Being PH neutral and only composed of distilled water with ClO2 dissolved in it, it does not have any adverse side effects, not even mild and allows it to be used intravenously.

- Delivered in an opaque glass jar with a reusable hermetic seal. Measurements to choose from 250ml or 500ml.

- ClO2 concentration in distilled water of 3000ppm (approximately 0.3%).


Refrigerate in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours before opening the product.
Keep it refrigerated, DO NOT freeze.


- Bote de 250ml o 500ml.
- Bote de cristal opaco con sello hermético reutilizable.


- Refrigerar en nevera al menos 2 horas antes de consumir.
- No congelar.

Para uso terapéutico, recomendamos consultar el libro original de Andreas Kalcker, titulado "Salud Prohibida". Allí se detallan los protocolos, como usarlo, cantidades, etc...:

Encontrarás buena información en su web:

Estudios clínicos:

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CDS (Dióxido de Cloro 3000ppm)

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CDS (Dióxido de Cloro 3000ppm)