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BIO Flicker FREE Red Light LED Bulb (No Flicker)

BIO Flicker FREE Red Light LED Bulb (No Flicker)

Brand: Ruanova Health

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NEW 2024

Red Light Bulb with anti-flicker, flicker-free LED technology (BIO-led).

It provides light indistinguishable from dusk or fire, which prevents circadian cycles from being deregulated or interrupting the natural production of melatonin, improving our health and rest.

WARRANTY 4 years . Made in Spain.


Artificial lighting has a large blue light component, which alters our hormonal processes.

Light is the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation that our eyes detect. At one extreme is blue light, with a short wavelength. And on the contrary the red one, with a longer wavelength.

For millions of years the only blue light that existed came from the Sun, which is why this spectrum was used to tune our circadian rhythms.

As the image shows, blue light is clearly the one that most inhibits melatonin production .

In nature, blue light is very strong during the day, being very dim at both dawn and dusk. There the spectrum that dominates is that of red and infrared light, which prepares us during dawn to safely receive sunlight during the day and during dusk to increase the production of melatonin that facilitates a restful sleep.

Modern life has blurred the difference between day and night . Traditionally we were exposed to the unmatched bright light of the Sun during the day and the darkness (or red light of fire) at night.

Nowadays, we spend almost the entire day indoors, exposed to the same light intensity both day and night. The result is a profound imbalance in circadian rhythms and melatonin production .

Melatonin not only influences rest, but it is the most important antioxidant we have, a hormone with a fundamental role in our health.

Science has shown today with multiple studies that exposure to blue light when the sun goes down is directly related to overweight ( study ), cancer ( study ), suppression of the immune system ( study ), infertility ( study ), diabetes ( study ), intestinal disorders ( study ), mental illness ( study ).

Without going any further, this global study concludes: « Artificial light at night is significantly related to multiple types of cancer. Immediate measures should be taken to limit artificial light at night ."

In addition, modern lighting has another problem: flicker . These are variations in the luminosity and intensity of light due to voltage variations. This has been shown to stress our eyes and nervous system, which can cause fatigue and headaches.

These problems have already existed since the first incandescent (tungsten filament) bulbs, but the problem has increased exponentially with the use of new technologies: fluorescent and LED.

Fluorescents illuminate with a large component of blue light (with all the problems we have seen when receiving it after the Sun sets) and also have extreme flicker. You can feel the flickering even with the naked eye.

Conventional LED technology usually uses very high temperature colors (up to 6000k) that have a large blue component and have a much higher frequency flicker than fluorescents. That is why we do not consciously perceive it, but our eyes, optic nerve and nervous system do.

False myth: Incandescents are NOT the solution. Although they are preferable to conventional fluorescents and LEDs.
However, incandescent bulbs, when powered by 50Hz alternating current, have flicker at 50Hz, although the filament does not allow 100% flicker, since it has thermal inertia, but great variation. That is why they are still not a good solution.


Flicker-Free Red Light LED Bulbs are the best option since they provide:

- Red light (no blue light spectrum). This means that we do not alter circadian rhythms or inhibit the production of melatonin by using them when the sun has already set.

- Flicker free. Light similar to natural light, or firelight.

- Low consumption. 5W of this bulb is equivalent to 35W of incandescent bulb.
8W of this bulb is equivalent to 60W of incandescent bulb.

To avoid flickering, they have been manufactured with a direct current power supply and an oversized 100% pure copper coil, which eliminates flickering 100% (Flicker Free).

The high-quality oversized source allows the LED to be supplied with direct current without alteration, so it emits a constant light without fluctuations, just like natural light.


Custom made exclusively by us in Spain .

I am an Industrial Engineer with a specialty in Industrial electronics, so we made our own design, our own source and the LEDs. All assembly is 100% carried out in Spain to guarantee having the product with the quality and durability we were looking for.

4 year warranty .


- E27 LED socket (large socket) Red Flicker Free 8 W (60W equivalent).

- E14 LED socket (small socket) Red Flicker Free 5W (35W equivalent).

4 years warranty.


- E14 consumption: 5W (35W equivalent); E27: 8W (60W equivalent)
- Voltage AC 220-240V / 50Hz
- Red color
- Bio LED: No flicker (No flicker)
- Material: Ceramic and Polycarbonate
- Supply: DC source with large copper coil
- 4 year warranty
- Light flux: 130LM/W
- Lighting angle 2: 360º
- Not suitable for intensity regulators (dimmers)
- Mercury content: 0%

Made in Spain .


- Casquillo E27 LED (casquillo grande) Roja Flicker Free 8W (equivalente 60W).

- Casquillo E14 LED (casquillo pequeño) Roja Flicker Free 5W (equivalente 35W).


- Consumo E14: 5W (equivalente 35W); E27: 8W (equivalente 60W)
- Tensión AC 220-240V / 50Hz
- Color: Rojo
- Bio LED: Sin parpadeo (No flicker)
- Material: Cerámica y Policarbonato
- Suministro: Fuente de corriente continua con bobina de cobre de gran tamaño
- Garantía 4 años
- Flujo de luz: 130LM/W
- Ángulo de iluminación 2: 360º
- No apta para reguladores de intensidad (dimmers)
- Contenido en mercurio: 0%

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Customer Reviews

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Izaskun Tolosa Lopez
Lampara con bombilla de luz roja.

Llevo poco tiempo con ella,de momento bien,iluminación buena,a ver si poco a poco se van notando los beneficios.

Marian Recio Garcés

Da buena luz me gusta mucho

Ana María


Muy recomendables

Desde que las tengo , ha mejorado mi calidad de sueño, estoy encantada!

Jose Antonio Garcia Rodriguez

Según lo descrito, llegó rápido y correcto. Funciona correctamente.