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Effective Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent (20-62Khz)

Effective Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent (20-62Khz)

Brand: Ruanova Health

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Highly effective wide-range ultrasonic mosquito repellent and repellent.

Ideal for the countryside, for children or to prevent mosquitoes from entering when we ventilate our home.

Classic chemical repellents are harmful to our health and contaminate water and the planet. Furthermore, the duration of chemicals is very limited and after a few hours they are no longer effective.

The solution: This Ultrasonic repellent is 100% safe and harmless for humans and the planet. Furthermore, with an internal rechargeable battery, we can use it over and over again, always with 100% efficiency. Charges via USB (cable included).

This device operates using wide range continuous variable frequency from 20 to 65 khz. It automatically varies the frequency within the range continuously, which drives away all types of mosquitoes, including the latest genetically modified mosquitoes from the British company Oxitec (a company controlled by Bill Gates).

Laboratory tested to certify its effectiveness, duration and frequency range.


- Built with internal rechargeable battery

- Charges via USB (cable included). It can be charged by mobile phone charger, connected to the computer, solar panel, etc.

- Long operating life (+12 hours on a single charge)

- Very light (only 16g) and very compact (only 6cm x 3.5cm x 1.7cm)

- 2 operating modes. The second mode is full range (recommended use)

- CE and RoHS certification


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- Construido con batería recargable interna
- Se carga por USB (cable incluido). Se puede cargar por cargador de móvil, conectado al ordenador, al panel solar, etc.
- Larga duración de funcionamiento (+12 horas con una sola carga)
- Muy ligero (sólo 16g) y muy compacto (sólo 6cm x 3.5cm x 1.7cm)
- 2 modos de funcionamiento. El segundo modo es el de rango total (uso recomendado)
- Certificación CE y RoHS

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