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Blue Light Protective Yellow Lenses (screens, artificial light)

Blue Light Protective Yellow Lenses (screens, artificial light)

Brand: Ruanova Health

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Blue light blocking glasses for daytime use (yellow lens).

✔️ Take care of your eyes (and your health) by blocking harmful blue light emitted by screens (computer, tablet, mobile phone), LED lights and fluorescent bulbs.

✔️ Helps increase your energy levels and mood by reducing fatigue.

✔️ Improve your rest and sleep quality by not deregulating circadian rhythms.

✔️ Protect the health of your mitochondria and proper cellular functioning.

✔️ Improve your concentration if you work in front of a screen.

✔️ Helps reduce or avoid headaches after being exposed to screen light for hours .

The sun has the entire spectrum of lights, those we can see and those we cannot. However, screens only emit blue light. We thus lose the protection that light gives us in all its tones, which natural light has.

The windows of homes or offices filter a large part of the red and infrared spectrum, turning interiors into unhealthy blue light environments.

Blueblock glasses filter blue at 60%, letting in the little red and infrared that the windows filter, thus balancing the environment. They are especially necessary if there is artificial lighting.

During the day, we should wear yellow lenses whenever we are using screens indoors. Outside it would not be necessary, because the sunlight itself protects us with the entire spectrum of colors.

They are also recommended for use in the car. They are very useful because the light that reaches us is filtered by the windows and windshield, which eliminate the red and infrared spectrum.


Manufactured exclusively to measure for us with the highest quality of lenses, finish and durability.

The frame is manufactured by stamping Natural forged material with optical grade Acetate.

The lenses are the best quality available on the market, made of pure optical Nylon with the same ABBE value as glass, but with the benefits of being able to filter 99.9% of blue light.

Scientific studies:

The following study, from the University of Toledo in the United States, analyzes in depth the mechanisms by which blue light destroys the eye and skin.

Ratnayake, K., Payton, J.L., Lakmal, OH et al. Blue light excited retinal intercepts cellular signaling. Sci Rep 8, 10207 (2018). 8.

In the following study, they show how artificial blue light induces damage to mitochondrial DNA and the production of free radicals in epithelial cells.

B, F Godley,, F, A Shamsi,, F, Liang,, S, G Jarret,, S Davies,, M, Boulton. Blue light induces mitochondrial DNA damage and free radical production in epithelial cells. (2005).

All glasses orders include a quality, sustainable wooden case.


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