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Radiation Blocking Case ideal for mobile phones

Radiation Blocking Case ideal for mobile phones

Brand: Ruanova Health

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Bag made of nickel and silver fabric that blocks electromagnetic radiation.

Blocks all signals that a phone can emit (Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, 4G and 5G Data).


Regardless of the brand and model, ALL phones today make it impossible to remove their battery and actually NEVER turn off. Even in off mode (even more so in airplane mode) they are still on, collecting and sending data. Even sometimes emitting high levels of EMF radiation (electromagnetic radiation).

The solution to having full health and a restful rest is, at least, to sleep leaving your cell phone outside the room. During the day, on many occasions we need to take it with us. For all those occasions, in the moments when we do NOT need it, putting it in this bag guarantees that we receive no radiation.


- Made with Nickel and Silver fabric

- Shields frequencies from 100Khz to 30Ghz

- Size 18 x 11cm

- Very light and flexible

- Certified with professional electronic instruments

Made in Germany


No aplica


- Apantalla las frecuencias desde los 100Khz hasta los 30Ghz
- Tamaño 18 x 11cm
- Muy ligera y flexible
- Certificada con instrumental electrónico profesional
- Protege tu móvil de un pulso electromágnetico (PEM)

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